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Sue Darby

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Bridging the Gap

Chief Geek

There are so many technology things that Sue does she gave herself the title Chief Geek aka CEO for Frozen Arctic Services, LLC

Projects have included an implementation of The custom system was built from the ground up and included boards, custom formulas and complex automations.

She is currently on another implementation project updating and upgrading the automations and connections of several systems.

So many Skills so little time

Skill Sets

So many skills! Where do we start? 

  • Technical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • For Fun Skills


Business Management

Frozen Arctic Services, LLC
Sue's Tiny Costumes

WordPress to Monday (and back)
Monday to Google Sheets
Chat GPT


Frozen Arctic Services
Tech Is My Soul
Sue's Tiny Costumes
and many more!

Writing and communications
Planning and Templates

SCRUM Master

Applied to both professional and personal work.

Google Suite

Everything! Email, Docs, Spreadsheets beyond count!

Technical Writing

Microsoft Documentation
Published Author

A well rounded education from a double Bachelors in Business and Information Technology to certifications in Software Development, SCRUM Master and


Sue has never stopped learning



Published Author

Sue’s journey started a while ago with a couple books she wrote for her hobby turned business. Both books have been published in a couple formats and have copies in the Library of Congress.


These individuals are people I have worked with for years and I would say the same things about them! Fantastic to work with!

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